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Job Code:018-138
Opportunity:Assistant Vice President


This multi-faceted department head would supervise and oversee the Legal, Leasing, and Construction departments. This position is responsible for managing each aspect of the development cycle – from deal prospecting, to deal and lease negotiations, drawings preparation & approval, permitting, build, and turnover.

In this senior position, the qualified individual would possess exceptional personnel management & leadership, and be an experienced and detail-oriented administrator.

I. Skills and Personality Attributes required

1) Experience with retail leasing (not industrial / office leasing)

  • - Must be a dealmaker, or have personally negotiated retail leasing deals in the past
  • - Experience in food industry leasing preferred.
  • - QSR experience ideal.
  • - Corporate experience preferred (not franchise)

2) Multifaceted individual with hands on experience in Legal, Leasing, and Construction functions in retail environment

  • - Well versed in lease negotiations & standard retail (& QSR) lease terms

3) Demonstrated managerial and executive attributes

  • - Exceptional listening and questioning skills
  • - Deep and thorough understanding of the Company, and ability to properly represent the Company’s approach and policies to the team
  • - Proven ability to successfully execute corporate initiatives and systems
  • - Excellent judge of character and ability to read situations and people
  • - Not afraid to deliver bad news, when required
  • - Experienced and adept at knowing subordinates’ work intimately (i.e., thoroughly familiar with what each team member is doing, not just a high level understanding)

4) Natural leader

  • - Adequate technical knowledge in each area to earn each subject matter expert’s respect
  • - Ability to influence and inspire a team which has been entrenched and in the same position for 10+ years
  • - Ability to be a change agent to implement new systems and updates to existing processes for people who have been doing the same job for 10+ years

5) Systems-oriented person

  • - Experience developing processes & systems and successfully implementing systems.
  • - Experience in applying systems administration to manage personnel, workflow and project milestones

6) Experience with and familiar with construction process

  • - Proven ability to approve and recommend realistic construction budgets, and accountable for building projects on time and under budget
  • - Ability to successfully challenge construction budgets and contractor bid process
  • - Functional understanding of lease plan drawings

7) Proven experience managing a team with multi-disciplinary areas of expertise.

  • - Resolve conflicting priorities to achieve win-win results
  • - Demonstrated ability to overcome conflict / objections

8) Strategic thinker

  • - Proven ability to accurately anticipate the final result (ability to think things through to the end)
  • - Creative problem solver, results oriented

9) Self-starter

  • - Self- motivated.
  • - Leads by example
  • - Strong communication skills

10) Travel

  • - Other than initial learning & training, there would not be frequent travel
  • - But when travel is required, it may be on short notice

11) Strong analytical skills in business and financial matters

  • - Ability to apply business acumen when analyzing deals, leases, and projects, and able to balance competing interests
  • - Proven ability to analyze large amount of information in minute detail, and to present executive summaries succinctly, capturing the most pertinent and relevant information which can be easily understood by executives and facilitate well informed decision making.
  • Attention to detail is a must

12) Local (GTA) person is a must.

II. Corporate & Cultural Fit

1) Experience working in a midsize / small company (rather than large company with wellestablished and defined objectives and policies)

  • Accepting of a traditionally entrepreneurial philosophy (versus established public company), e.g. not always clear lines, not always clear chain of command, moving targets, not always guided by “4 corners”.

2) Openminded and Easygoing personality

  • Not “my way or the highway” thinking
  • Understands and accepts being challenged by executives.
  • Not trying to implement change right away.
  • Not applying “other companies do it” or “that’s the industry standard” rationale to justify change without a deep understanding of the company’s philosophy & practical implementation

3) Flexible & Patient

Accustomed to working with moving targets
Ability to deal with conflicting opinions / input.

We appreciate your interest - please note that only suitable candidates will be contacted